MultiMedia Classroom


To make the classes modern, time effective and contemporary, the white boards have been complemented by tablet. With the use of Tablet a student can effectively learn the concepts of physics in class as colorful diagrams can be drawn with the help of Tablet. It helps students to learn the concepts of physics in easy way.


To understand the concepts in a simpler way Projector is used. With the help of Projector a student can see animations of complex numerical problems which help students to learn the concepts of physics in a simpler way. Hence the MULTIMEDIA CLASSROOOMS enables the students to grasp easily, along with saving precious time.

Video Recording

There is provision of recording of lecture. This assist's students in revising lectures delivered in the class. These recorded lectures not only help's the students in revision but also helps those students who missed the lecture and wants to make up.

Supporting Faculty

We have experienced and dedicated faculty for the support of students. Faculty will handle any number of doubts from the students. The supporting faculty will also help in revision of any lecture if needed by the student.


Students are provided with an expert and experienced counselor which helps students to overcome the psychological pressures and also motivates the students to do their work with enthusiasm. Also through proper counseling a proper track of student is maintained. The counselor also interacts with parents so the performance of students can be discussed in time.

Online and Offline Testing

In Online testing a student is given a platform in which he can evaluate himself according to the latest online testing patterns as per JEE(Mains & Advanced) pattern. More than 70 nnline tests (in two years) will be conducted which covers all the topics, basics as well as advanced. Apart from this more than 60 (subjective), offline NCERT tests will be conducted (in two years) so that student gets prepared for his school level exams.


Student is provided facility of library in which there is a huge collection of Physics books available. With this facility a student can have access to latest books available which will help student to enhance his result.

Online report card facility

Report card of a student can be seen as well can be printed from web site. Grades are assigned to each and every student so as to better analyze a student.